Ultra Pro ONE-TOUCH Magnetic Holder 8" x 10"

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Ultra Pro ONE-TOUCH Magnetic Holder 8" x 10"


Ultra PRO’s 8″ x 10″ ONE-TOUCH holders are premium storage cases designed as the final destination for your collectible photo, artwork, signed autographs, and documents. The two-piece ONE-TOUCH holders are uniquely designed with slide-in hinges and dual magnetic closure so you’ll never have to use a screwdriver again. The holder uses UV-blocking additives to protect your photo from harmful UV-rays, and is made with non-PVC materials to provide acid-free protection – ensuring your valuable hit retains its condition while under display. This model can hold 8″ x 10″ photos, artwork and other collectibles in our Ultra PRO 8″ x 10″ Soft Sleeves. (photo not included)

  • Sized to hold Ultra PRO 8″ x 10″ Soft Sleeves (#82321)
  • Made with non-PVC, ultra clear materials with UV-blocking additives
  • Diamond corners to keep photo corners in mint condition
  • Frosted borders and ultra clear materials to show your photo’s true colors with premium presentation
  • Slide-in hinge and dual magnetic closure keeps your photo secure

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