Sell to Us

Looking to offload some of your collection?

The list below will be kept up to date with what we're currently looking to buy:

    • Full Art EX/GX/V, Full Art Trainer, Secret Rare - $3.00
    • Illustration Rare - $3.00
    • VMAX - $1.50
    • VSTAR - $1.00
    • V, EX, GX - $1.00
    • Trainer Gallery Holo - $1.00
    • Amazing Rare - $0.50
    • Radiant/Shiny Rare - $0.20
    • Holo, Reverse Holo - not buying
    • Non-Holo (Common, Uncommon, Rare) - not buying
    • Full Art EX/GX/V, Full Art Trainer, Secret Rare  - not buying
    • Trainer Gallery Holo - not buying
    • VMAX, VSTAR, Amazing Rare - not buying
    • EX/GX/V - not buying
    • Holo, Reverse Holo - not buying
    • Non-Holo (Common, Uncommon, Rare) - not buying
    • 65% comps (based on average over last 5 sales of exact card)
    • If no comps are available, agreed value will be required.


    Want to sell in bulk (Pokemon only)? Bring your bulk cards into the shop, or ship them to us:

    • Bring/send only mint condition cards (no white edges or backs, creases, wrinkles, etc). Bring/send only original genuine cards (no newsagent knockoffs). 
    • Make a list of what you're sending (at least a count of each category shown above). Bring/send a copy of the list with the cards, showing values based on above categories. Keep a copy for yourself also.
    • Take cards out of sleeves/pages. Clear sleeves are ok,  but no solid-back sleeved cards will be accepted (we need to see the back of the card quickly and easily). Bring/send them in a cardboard or plastic box intended for cards (something like these: 200ct boxes). No rubber bands, no plain envelopes, no albums or pages. 
    • Sort all cards by category listed above. We will not accept un-sorted cards. 
    • Send bank details for EFT transfer (we do not pay into Paypal or other online banking methods - EFT only).
    • Anything brought/sent not following above guidelines will not be considered, and will need to be collected from the shop (or return posted) at sender's expense. We do not pay for postage to or from our shop.
    • We only purchase cards that we need or want. If we have multiple copies of a particular card you're looking to sell, or we just aren't interested in the card you're selling, we will NOT buy it.
    • Sets we are currently not buying: Pokemon Go, Shining Fates, Celebrations, Lost Origin.

    When do we evaluate and/or buy cards?

    We typically buy on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-4, but please call first to make sure our buyer is in (before you drive to see us)!

    Where do you bring/send them?

    The Traders Australia
    8 / 85 Mt. Derrimut Rd.
    Deer Park, VIC 3023

    Have any questions? Contact us here.