2021 Wild Card NIL Alumination Collegiate Edition Football - Blaster Box

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2021 Wild Card NIL Alumination Collegiate Edition Football - Blaster Box


Wild Card turns its attention to the college football ranks with an ink-loaded, limited-release product that's loaded with color as well as notable stars who are eligible for cardboard now under the NCAA's new NIL rules. Just 350 cases will be made for this one with each 48-card box including 32 base cards, eight parallels and eight autographs every time. Each 12-card pack will have two autos from a lineup of players you can see partially noted on the box mock above. ... Base cards will have eight autographed parallels -- all limited to no more than 20 copies -- and there also will be Auto-Lux parallel autos in six varieties all limited to no more than 10. The base set here will use a subsets approach to add variety with Smashing cards having seven Holo-Lux versions (/20 max) along with Alpha cards that will have eight versions (/20 max) and that same volume will be in play for Rising Son cards. Another subset will be Stripes cards with one percent of them being "wild" and others will be a max of 35 copies. Joining them will be Blue Groovin' cards with five parallels as well as their own Holo-Lux cards that are the rarest inserts at no more than five copies per card.

Each blaster Box Contains:

  • 4 Packs
  • 8 Cards per Pack
  • One Autograph per Box on Average!
  • 7 Parallels per Box on Average!

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